Please take a look at some of the PTA/Volunteer openings for this year! We would love to have YOU get involved. Please feel free to reach out to


The VP positions require you to be voted in and you would attend the CCS PTA Exec board meetings. These are a 2 year commitment. General positions are a one year commitment (although you can stay longer!).


Board Openings:


-VP Communications: Responsible for promoting clear and effective communication between the PTA and the CCS community about events, membership, participation, etc. Supervises the following committees: Photo Board, Photography committees, Beginning of Year Coffee, Newcomers/Kindergarten Coffee, Yearbook, Directory, Email Blast/PTA News, Web representative.


- VP Nominating: Operates from February to May to recruit members to PTA committee positions. Is responsible for preparing the slate that is voted on at the final PTA meeting of the year. 1 chair, and you can form a committee with up to 6 members.


General openings:


-Grade level science reps (openings currently for 1 and 3): One representative from each grade to coordinate with classroom teachers to develop grade appropriate programs.


PTAC Council Representative Openings:


PTAC is a volunteer organization comprised of all 15 school PTAs in the Greenwich Public School system; membership includes parents, teachers and staff. The purpose of PTAC is to promote a healthy working relationship and an open line of communication between home and school.



AFTERS: Afters coordinates the efforts of the elementary school PTA programs offered before and after school and provides guidance to the PTA volunteers who run them. The committee meets in the fall, winter, and spring, and communicates regularly between meetings so PTA volunteers can support one another's efforts.


Academic Excellence (AE): Advocates for the needs of all students with respect to academic curriculum and instruction in support of the district’s mission to educate all students to the highest levels of academic achievement. AE stays apprised of the development, planning, review and assessment of curriculum and instruction and serve as parent advisors in these processes when appropriate. AE communicates information related to student academic achievement to parents through PTAC.




Event Volunteer Roles